Having A Great Investor Pitch Deck Is SO Important To Any Size Organization

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Andrew Polcha, CEO of Worldpipe.tv
Andrew Polcha, CEO of Worldpipe.tv

Register here to learn about how to create and deliver a funding pitch.

This is good advice for any stage of company. If your investor presentation is bad – you likely won’t get your funding. Funding to a company is important – it’s like oxygen; you can’t breath very well without it. Now, managing a company is like running a foot race. If you are a startup, pre-revenue/early stage, the founders or management hopefully have a good pace set running their venture or company. For me, I equate running my ventures like running a marathon; if I run them like I were running a 1000 yard dash – I will surely never make it over the finish line.

Funding for a venture sets the pace of your company (back to the oxygen analogy). If your venture or company is properly funded, it can be like running the foot race with an oxygen tank harnessed to your back with a tube fed breathing mask strapped to your face. If you are a company who can’t get funding – you’ve got to make every breath count and that applies to you if you are a pre-revenue startup or have 1000 people on your payroll.

So, when faced with the task of putting together an event for this important topic; I consulted with my friend Andy Rudin. Andy and I are both primarily responsible for the Forum’s programming as members of the Chapter Executive Committee. I know in my time working with Andy, that he and I share a common interest in “doing this topic right”. Whether you are an early stage start-up or manage a bigger company; I think this event on Feb. 18th should be a great event.

Our first speaker is Jonathan Aberman who will be talking about all the ins and outs of what needs to be in your investor pitch. Jonathan is Managing Director of Amplifier Ventures. Jonathan has seen his share of investor pitches. Jonathan will share his perspectives on how to make a fund-able investor pitch.

Our second speaker is TBA

Register here to learn about how to create and deliver a funding pitch.

I hope to see you on Thursday, February 18, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM | American University, Kogod School of Business, Room 118
4400 Massachusetts Ave NW Washington, DC 20016

One thought on “Having A Great Investor Pitch Deck Is SO Important To Any Size Organization”

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