Calling All Security Enthusiasts And Geeks ~ Why Is This Cyber Event Different? | Come See May 18th…

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Andrew J. Polcha CEO at
Andrew J. Polcha ceo


About 4 months ago, I approached Frank Sauer (MIT Alumni) and asked, “I want to make a totally different type of Cyber security event. I want to start a discussion; a discussion tackling the issue of Cyber security in a way in which only MIT (MITEF) can tackle it…” ~AP

So, why is this cyber security event different?

Mr. Sauer, former FBI Deputy Assistant Director for Software, as well as a former executive at Apple before that, will be describing for the first time publicly a re-definition of the cyber problem. This is a discussion that “lights the trail” for others to a more practical, more effective defense. Technical “elders’ have been saying for years that cyber security will always have to play “catch-up”, that it is impossible to do anything else… Mr. Sauer will talk about a decade of research that shows that is not true and how we can change how we do cyber security and can disrupt most hackers’ fundamental approach.

Part 1

Frank Sauer ~ Exploring a New Paradigm In Cybersecurity

Frank and his team have been privately developing research on how to practically put the computer’s access controls and permissions into each individual data file. This approach bases security not on where the data is, but permits data to be anywhere and still have the same security controls and enforcement as if that data were on your own computer. This will be the first time Frank will publicly talk about this research. Frank’s presentation will be oriented for the beginner and curious as well as those advanced and everyone in between…

Part 2 Panel Discussion On Privacy

Part 3

After the expert panel discussion on national security policy, personal security, and privacy, everyone is invited to stay as Frank will show a non-proprietary “Proof-of-Concept” on the ideas behind this research. This is a technical “Show-n-Tell” and discussion about future potential iterations. Stay for a drink and join the discussion about real-world possibilities.

~ We had SAIC’s Information Assurance Group evaluate the concept (they do consulting on NSA’s EAL certifications), and their conclusion was: “Their concept is valid. Although not revolutionary in being uniquely conceived, it could be revolutionary, if implemented, in significantly altering future security architectures and improving overall levels of cyber security. Their technical staff is extremely competent.”

If you are an entrepreneur looking for opportunities, the leader of an organization, or just interested in how we as a society can solve this critical challenge, you don’t want to miss this event.

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