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Date: Tuesday October 18th

Time: 5-9PM

Place: The Marvin Center Ballroom at The George Washington University Campus located at 800 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052.

Expanded Agenda:

· Explore the basics of the technology

· Gain a better understanding of its disruptive potential across multiple industries and various government offices

· Understand the prospects and challenges of adopting Blockchain technology within both the US government and the private sector

· Learn more about specific projects underway inside the beltway and beyond and how they may ultimately impact the local job market.


Panel I – Regardless of your Blockchain IQ, your technological capabilities or where you are on the learning curve, this session is the equalizer. For the novice, learn the difference between crypto-currencies, the blockchain, ledger-based technologies, and smart contracts, what side chains are, why muti-sig and KRS are important. For the more experienced attendees, review the latest technological developments, the newest generation of crypto-currencies and much more.

Panel II – Deploying Blockchain Technology Part I: the Private Sector Experience. Bitcoin was the first – but certainly not the last – use case for blockchain technology. How is this ledger based technology being put to work in the financial services, health care and other industries. Which ones will be most significantly disrupted? And how fast? What are the challenges in developing, executing and bringing these projects to market.

Panel III – Deploying Blockchain Technology – Part II: The Government Experience. The Federal Government has its hands full, working hard to understand whether and to what extent laws and regulations they administer must be adapted to the technology. Agencies have to understand how the technology impacts entities they regulate. And many agencies are considering how the technology may affect their own operations. What will this mean for government employees and contractors?

Andrew J. Polcha CEO

“Next Big Thing” Event | BLOCKCHAIN

SAVE THE DATE ~ Tuesday October 18th.

The “Next Big Thing” Event | BLOCKCHAIN ~ What Are The Potential Innovations And Business Possibilities For Entrepreneurs, Companies and Government

Hey Folks,

I promised more details about this event and I wanted to share this update with you.  As you know, MITEF members get special pricing on access to this and future events. I am so excited because we have partnered with the Women In Housing & Finance (WHF) and their members also get special pricing and access to this event.

Learn more and register here.


EARLY BIRD PRICE  (Ends Sept. 30):  $85.00
RETAIL PRICE (After Sept. 30):   $100.00
AT THE DOOR:  $115.00

Join The MIT Enterprise Forum of Washington DC Baltimore today and take advantage of special event pricing.  See our membership page here.

See you folks on Oct. 18th! ~AP

Andrew Polcha - Vice Chair MITEF and CEO at WORLDPIPE.TV



The MIT Enterprise Forum of Washington DC Baltimore’s Fall “Next Big Thing” Event | BLOCKCHAIN

SAVE THE DATE ~ Tuesday October 18th. 

Event Description: “Next Big Thing” Event | BLOCKCHAIN~ What Are The Potential Innovations And Business Possibilities For Entrepreneurs, Companies and Government

Blockchain is an emerging technology that facilitates transactions between trading partners. It has potential to disrupt every segment of banking and financial services. If you haven’t already heard of it, you will soon.

What is Blockchain? And What business possibilities and innovations will it spawn? Carol Van Cleef, Partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP and Founder Comptegrity, Inc., will help us explain Blockchain from the ground up. She will outline how Blockchain is reshaping commercial transactions, and how entrepreneurs can capitalize spinoff innovations.

If you are developing a new product idea – or thinking about launching one – you need to know about Blockchain. This session will feature thought leaders who will offer details about how the technology works, the outlook for future products and services, and how it will impact related industries.

This event is cosponsored by The George Washington University and The George Washington University’s School Of Business

This event will be held in The Marvin Center Ballroom at The George Washington University Campus located at 800 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20052.

Time: 5-9PM

Andrew J. Polcha CEO WORLDPIPE






Patents Bring Competitive Advantages

Andrew J. Polcha, Mentor Program Chair and CEO, <a href="">WORLDPIPE</a>
Andrew J. Polcha, Mentor Program Chair and CEO, WORLDPIPE

If you are the founder of a local company and if you have software products or projects under development, and you have failed to pursue any patents, then you will want to attend the event on May 24th, Making Sense of Intellectual Property for Software Companies.

You can’t build too much value and the rules at the USPTO  have changed since March 16, 2013 from first to invent to first to fileSee here for details. At the very least, find out what you can and can’t do.

If you have competition in the market; maybe your competition has not filed patents either? Get informed for “who was first to conceive the idea” no longer matters as much as the first to file at the USPTO. Don’t lose out because you don’t know the facts. Get the facts and talk to the experts and I’ll see you on the 24th.

As many of you know, in my volunteer life, I run the Mentor Program for the MIT Enterprise Forum of Washington, DC and Baltimore. (MITEF) In doing so, I get the privilege of meeting many of the founders within the area’s early stage start-up community. Being located in DC/VA/MD, in close proximity to the federal government, it is no surprise that lot’s of technology innovations and start-up efforts converge on our nation’s capital.

In my position at MITEF, I hear a lot of elevator pitches and business descriptions from start-up founders; with most entrepreneurs I meet being focused on Internet and managed services, cyber-security, mobile and social media applications. Of all these market segments mentioned, most, if not all, of the start-up companies within these sectors are creating a single software application as their companies’ flagship product.

Founders I speak with often say, “I am not the only company doing this (in this space) within the market…” When meeting someone new at one of our events and in trying to understand their business venture; one of the first questions I ask: “Do you have any patents?”. Probing about patents early in the conversation with founders is in the forefront in my thought process because I am definitely a firm believer in competitive advantage in business.

Now, if you ask any attorney, they’d be right in telling you, as general advice, that you can’t patent software or applications. So, many founders hear this advice and go-on to build their companies and build their software products; thinking legal pursuit of IP is an inaccessible path for them… As it is true, you can’t file a patent on software BUT you may file a patent on the innovation the software does or performs… I’ll say no more and leave the discussion to the experts at Fish and Richardson P.C.

Learn From Patent Experts – Register Here

One of my favorite business quotes about competitive advantage comes from Warren Buffet: “The key to investing is not how much an industry will affect society or grow, but rather its competitive advantage and the durability of that advantage…”

To me, a patent means a big legal competitive advantage to any business, especially to a start-up; and the durability of that legal business advantage is greater than 20 years.

Our Speakers:

Jeremy Monaldo                                              Nick Jepsen

The MIT Enterprise Forum’s Event ~ Pitching to Investors Without Getting Caught in a Sandtrap Hosted By Kogod School of Business At American University

Full Program For Thursday, February 18th :

6:30 PM Registration and networking
7:00 – 7:05/7:10 Opening remarks from Dean Carmel
7:10 – 8:00 Jonathan Aberman, Pitching to Investors Without Getting Caught in a Sandtrap
8:00 – 8:10 Break
8:10 – 8:20 Agora VR Pitch Deck/Presentation
8:20 – 8:30 Panel comments Q&A
8:30 – 8:40 Budget Referee Pitch Deck/Presentation
8:40 – 8:50 Panel comments Q&A
8:50 – 9:00 Babel Health LLC Pitch Deck/Presentation
9:00 – 9:10 Panel comments Q&A
9:10 – 9:30 post-event networking

Emceed by Andrew J. Polcha and Andrew Rudin

Expert Panel:

Randy Domolky, Clayton Depue and Andrew Tucker

The Kogod School of Business At American University Is The Place To Be On Feb. 18th

Andrew J. Polcha CEO of

The MITEF event on Feb. 18th is shaping up to being an exciting evening. I, as other members of the Chapter Executive Committee (CEC), are so excited to have our organization’s first event for 2016 at American University. First, I want to give a big THANK YOU to the Dean of The Kogod School of Business at American University, Dean Carmel for him welcoming The Forum and for hosting our event on February 18th. Also, I am thrilled that Dean Carmel has agreed to be part of our evening’s program; kicking off the event with opening remarks. I also am honored to be playing the part of co-emcee with my friend Andy Rudin.

Things have changed for the evening’s schedule/agenda. Please note the new schedule as follows:

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Having A Great Investor Pitch Deck Is SO Important To Any Size Organization

Andrew Polcha, CEO of
Andrew Polcha, CEO of

Register here to learn about how to create and deliver a funding pitch.

This is good advice for any stage of company. If your investor presentation is bad – you likely won’t get your funding. Funding to a company is important – it’s like oxygen; you can’t breath very well without it. Now, managing a company is like running a foot race. If you are a startup, pre-revenue/early stage, the founders or management hopefully have a good pace set running their venture or company. For me, I equate running my ventures like running a marathon; if I run them like I were running a 1000 yard dash – I will surely never make it over the finish line.

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