The Trials and Tribulations of Technology Trailblazers

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Are you a tech entrepreneur worried about the complex legal environment of intellectual property? You’re not alone.

From Takoma Park to the Tidal Basin, DMV residents are surrounded by technology startups. A recent study found DC to be a top five city for tech innovation and CNBC also ranked our area highly for startup success. However, with such industry growth comes challenges, particularly regarding intellectual property.

It is difficult to be a market pioneer when followers and copycats are nipping at your heels. With many questions and challenges facing innovators in a regional tech hub, the DC/Baltimore Chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum is holding an event on October 10th with this in mind.

Members at the MITEF know firsthand that one great idea can change the world. With a network of over 28 worldwide chapters, we know the power of entrepreneurial innovation and creativity. Something that is often forgotten on the part of the innovator involves using methods to protect what has been created.

A technological trailblazer might not be as well versed in the legal trade-offs of seeking intellectual property protection. What can you do to maximize the value of your creation in the software area?

Next week, you will have the opportunity to gain powerful insights from practicing attorneys, industry thought leaders, and other entrepreneurs on the power of intellectual property. With this MITEF Roundtable Discussion, you will be able to question and converse with those “in the know” to better protect what you have developed to change the world.

Tickets are still available, so join the MITEF of DC/Baltimore on October 10th for this important discussion!

Real Players, Real Network, and The DC/Baltimore MITEF

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Part 1 – Harold Cossette, Ernesto Gonzaga, and E-MAG Force Dynamics

We at the DC/Baltimore chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum know that being an entrepreneur is not the easiest undertaking. It takes a bit more than just time, creativity, and luck to succeed.

Critical to an entrepreneur’s success is a supportive network of community leaders who can help cultivate your ideas and make them a reality. Fostering special relationships with area insiders is a unique challenge, unless you know where to look.

Take Harold Cossette and Ernesto Gonzaga of E-MAG Force Dynamics, an electromagnetic technology firm. They know that membership at the MIT Enterprise Forum changed their venture trajectories for the better. “For those seeking to build their businesses within the government and corporate sectors, I highly recommend joining the MIT Enterprise Forum Washington, DC and Baltimore,” Cossette said.

In December 2017, Harold joined the DC/Baltimore chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum through our website and connected with Co-Chair Andrew Polcha.

“After communicating my position and explaining my goals, Andrew took the time to understand what I was looking for in assistance and followed up with exactly what I needed.”

By joining MITEF, Harold was able to gain easier access to investors to gain financial backing for his company.

“I am very grateful for the assistance and value that I have received from the MIT Enterprise Forum,” Cossette said. “We could not have done this without the support of the Washington, DC and Baltimore chapter.”

Since 1981, MITEF has created these connections and stimulated local economies through innovation and entrepreneurship. Join today and activate your support network.