Funding Opportunities for Innovative Autism Startups

Investments in research, products and services remain fragmented and often redundant. But serious investors are jump-starting early stage ideas that help people with autism live great lives. They’re aggressively investing in life science breakthroughs and therapeutics, digital health and innovative service companies. Concentrating capital, expertise, and community to accelerate advances in autism.

We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity and have access to technologies that can unravel the most complex problems. Yet autism affects 1 in 54 American children.

Entrepreneurs are doing their part as well — driving innovation in autism through amazing companies that return real value to others.

Together they’re accelerating autism solutions and rewriting the impact investing equation, overlaying financial discipline and proven business strategies to improve the status quo for individuals with autism.

December 3rd’s free panel on Back 2 Biz focused on these amazing founders, CEOs and investors who are redefining what returning value means — everyday.

We sat down with CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs, and a Silicon Valley VC for a session moderated by Dan Feshbach, CEO and Co-founder of Blue Umbrella and part of the Organizing Team of the Autism Impact Fund— to explore the current state of funding and discover how entrepreneurs are building companies that leverage the unique strengths and talents in the autism community!

We recorded a live conversation moderated by Dan Feshbach with:

  • Harish Bikmal | CEO, Zenaviv — bringing the artistic talents of autistic artists to life
  • Dan Feshbach | CEO and Co-Founder, Blue Umbrella | Organizing Team, Autism Impact Fund (PowerPoint slide deck)
  • Vanessa Castañeda Gill | CEO, Social Cipher — changing the game for social learning
  • Jamil Karriem | CEO, Hiki — friendship / social app for the autism community

Join us to discover how investors and entrepreneurs are changing lives and accelerating autism solutions!

Event Media

Blue Umbrella PowerPoint Slide Deck (9MB)

Free Zoom Backgrounds from Autistic Artists

Here are works by four artists who have been able to enrich their lives and the lives of others through art. Please feel free to download these images.

Clicking on any image will show the image in full scale and it may then be downloaded.

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Erick Abney
Anusha Iyer
Abstract Scratches

Abstract Scratches

Erick began painting as a teenager. After took his first painting class at a community college and soon came to love painting and found his inner voice. Sales of his art has given him a huge sense of accomplishment and a sense of purpose. Every year he paints holiday cards and gives them as gifts.

Himal Bikmal
Himal Bikmal
Himal Bikmal
A View From My Patio

A View From My Patio

Despite severe autism and cognitive delays, Himal has learned to paint. Art has been therapeutic to Himal and helps him focus. Recognition of his art has significantly boosted his self-esteem and has given hope for a better future. Zenaviv was started to bring about similar transformation in others like him.

Michael Sardoni
Michael Sardoni
Michael Sardoni
Sunrise Over the Ocean

Sunrise Over the Ocean

Michael’s love for animals started young. He memorized his animal encyclopedia by three. He found drawing animals to be calming and calls his creatures, the “Zoofellas”, a group of animals who are friendly, kind, and funny, just like Michael.

Lee Jaworek
Lee Jaworek
Lee Jaworek
Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Lee calls his work “Artism” as it expresses his perception of the world: through the prism of autism. Lee believes that "each color is just as important as every other color." He is intense in his execution, and definite about his selection of subject.

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Cutting Edge: Health Tech

MITEF Washington DC & Baltimore introduces our first “Cutting Edge” podcast. Board member Larry Trotter II speaks with Health Tech expert Scott Kozicki. Scott is an accomplished entrepreneur who spends his time advising CEOs and improving the health of millions. Larry and Scott discuss the dichotomy of increasing health care costs and decreasing medical quality. Scott explores how technology could improve outcomes and presents his innovate ideas.

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Outdoor Fun: SAE Golf Tournament

Let’s get outdoors for a fun and safe charity golf tournament. MITEF DC is partnering with SAE to raise funds to support SAE’s mission – to enhance tech and mobility solutions that benefit humanity. The SAE DC Section also promotes local student technical development with donations and support of STEM, engineering, and technical learning.

The charity event was held at the Old Hickory Golf Club in Woodbridge, VA on Friday, September 4, 2020.

Beyond networking, the event highlights included breakfast and lunch, beverages during golf, prizes for: 1st place team, longest drive, closest pin, and a hole-in-one contest.

Investor Perspectives Virtual Roundtable

Just how much has the current state of affairs changed the way investors think about new investments and their current portfolios? How has the fundraising landscape changed in the past 6 months? Here’s an opportunity to hear from and interact with a diverse panel of investors and bankers.

Video from our July 28, 2020 webinar.

Video recorded on July 28. 2020

July 28th’s panel on Back 2 Biz focused on investor perspectives — we sat down with four investors and entrepreneurs for a session moderated by Kate Goodall, co-founder and CEO of DC’s Halcyon — to explore the current state of venture funding, how investment perspectives have changed in the past 6 months, what investors, bankers and fund managers expect during today’s economic climate and how they see the next year playing out.

Kate Goodall moderated our distinguished panel:

  • Katie Bilek | Senior Vice President, Republic Capital Access | Co-Founder govmates
  • Kate Goodall | Co-Founder and CEO, Halcyon | Co-Founder WE Capital
  • Terry Hsiao | Angel Investor | President, Monte Jade DC | Director, MIT Angels DC
  • Jennifer O’Daniel | Investment Director, CIT GAP Funds | Venture Partner, NextGen Ventures Partners

Katie Bilak
Katie Bilek

Senior Vice President, Republic Capital Access | Co-Founder govmates

Katie Bilek is Senior Vice President at Republic Capital Access - the largest finance company dedicated to government contractors. Katie began her career at Goldman Sachs in Equity Sales & Trading on the West Coast. She is co-founder of govmates, an innovative teaming partner platform for government contractors. Katie holds dual degrees in Finance and Spanish from the University of Texas at Austin. As the spouse of a veteran, she is passionate about SDVOSB advocacy, serving on the board of the National Veteran Small Business Coalition. Katie is the recipient of the SmartCEO Banker of the Year and the Washington Business Journal Minority Business Leader Award. She holds Series 3, 7, 63 and 65 licenses.

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Kate Goodall
Kate Goodall

Co-Founder and CEO, Halcyon | Co-Founder WE Capital

Kate Goodall is the Co-Founder and CEO of Halcyon, a non-profit dedicated to solving 21st century problems by providing space and access to emerging leaders in social entrepreneurship and the arts. Goodall continues to grow Halcyon’s offerings with By The People, an international arts and innovation festival in partnership with the Smithsonian and numerous organizations throughout DC. In 2016, Goodall helped establish WE Capital, a consortium of leading businesswomen investing in and supporting women and women-led companies. Goodall has served as juror at national and international social entrepreneurship competitions, like the Creator Awards, and MIT Tech Review Innovator Europe & Latin America. She was listed as one of the Washington Business Journal’s Power 100 and 40 Under 40, Washingtonian’s 2017 Tech Titans, and Techweek 100 DC’s Talent Cultivators.

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Terry Hsiao
Terry Hsiao

Angel Investor | President, Monte Jade DC | Director, MIT Angels DC

Terry Hsiao is an entrepreneur, advisor and investor with extensive experience in software, cloud and fintech. He has founded multiple companies in mobile that got acquired by Sybase, Verifone, and Kaleyra where he helped its recent public listing on NYSE:KLR in November 2019.

Mr. Hsiao served on the board of Virginia’s Center of Innovation and Technology, a state-funded economic development and investment agency. Terry is the current President of Monte Jade DC, a non-profit organization representing Asian American business leaders and entrepreneurs for 25+ years. He also co-founded and serves as Executive Director at DC MIT Alum Angel Group.

Terry received a BSEE Honors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Rutgers University and a Master’s degree in Management of Technology from MIT Sloan School of Management.

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Jennifer O'Daniel
Jennifer O'Daniel

Investment Director, CIT GAP Funds | Venture Partner, NextGen Ventures Partners

Jennifer O'Daniel is the Investment Director of CIT GAP Funds where she leads seed and early stage investments in tech companies with a concentration on cybersecurity and enterprise software. A key member of the investment team, O’Daniel has led over 50 investments in seed and early stage companies as well as investments for MACH37, a cybersecurity accelerator. O’Daniel is a Venture Partner at NextGen Venture Partners, and was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of VT Investor Network (VTIN), a 75+ member angel group that invests in Hokie-led startups.

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Future of Golf & Tech Innovation

June 16th’s panel on Back 2 Biz focused on golf & technology — we sat down with three great golf entrepreneurs for a session moderated by MIT Club of DC’s own resident golf expert and board member — to examine how technology plays a key role in improving your game.

A video from our webinar on June 16, 2020.

Just how much has the current state of affairs changed the way we think about and play sports? Here’s an opportunity to slice into your golf swing and explore how technology can improve your game — and your stroke.

We explored how technology can actually improve your golf swing — and examined the data and analytics that drive the apps. We discussed how technology and analytic tools transform what you put on your feet into how your shoes improve game performance. And we’ll look at what golfers can do in between rounds to get more consistent from round to round.

Our Expert Panel

Ybet Villacorta moderated our conversation.

  • Tim DeJarlais | Former CEO, Hills Golf Club | Currently Manager, Swing Catalyst USA 
  • Shawn D McDonald | Founder and President, FeedbacK Enterprise, LLC
  • Stephen “Slot” Slotterback, PGA | Director of Instruction, Kinloch Golf Club
  • Ybet Villacorta | Board Member, MIT Club of DC | Partner, Foley & Lardner LLP

Bring your best game face and enjoy the conversation!

Future of Wine & Technology Virtual Event

June 4th’s panel on Back 2 Biz focused on wine & technology — examining how the wine industry is “ripe” with technical disruption. We explored issues affecting the customer-facing / demand-side of the wine business — including how technology is moving the sales, distribution, accounting, and education of the grape online and into the cloud. We discussed how technology and analytic tools transform massive volumes of environmental sensor data into crop management decisions. And we looked at our changing climatic conditions and how wine entrepreneurs combat known weather conditions and the more recent extreme conditions.

A video from our webinar on June 4, 2020.

Just how much has the pandemic changed the way we, um drink…. wink? Here’s an opportunity to up your wine education while dipping in to the tech-side of the wine business.

Bring your favorite glass of wine or beverage and enjoy the conversation!

Our Panel of Wine Entrepreneurs

Chris Parker moderated our conversation.

Chris Parker
Chris Parker, Co-Founder of the Virginia Wine & Spirits Academy

VAWSA is the premier Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) approved program provider (APP) located and certified in Virginia.

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David Ebert
David Ebert, Co-Founder of VinSense

VinSense software generates a precision soil map for optimal sensor deployment and provides visual analytic tools to transform massive volumes of environmental sensor data into crop management decisions.

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Geni Whitehouse
Geni Whitehouse, CPA, CITP, CSPM

Geni Whitehouse, CPA is a Napa Valley winery consultant and a technology evangelist who writes, speaks, and tweets about finance and technology at

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David Ebert provided a slide deck with some more information about taming wine technology, Respect for tradition, vision for the future (PDF, 1.8MB).

Back 2 Biz is a series of engaging and interactive conversations examining how tech, entrepreneurship and innovation can improve our lives during — and will bring businesses back (safely) — after the pandemic. Sessions are live and free to register. On-demand access will be available to all registrants.