Making Sense of Intellectual Property for Software Companies

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headshot 2-4-16Software companies are often unaware of the Intellectual Property assets they have developed. The question of what software innovations can be patented can lead the developer to the conclusion that it is too costly and complicated to protect these assets.

In our next event, Making Sense of Intellectual Property for Software Companies, we will show entrepreneurs what they need to know about protecting Intellectual Property.

  • Discover what it takes to patent software innovations under the current landscape;
  • Learn what you can do to maximize the value of your Intellectual Property;
  • Talk directly to Intellectual Property experts about your situation and,
  • Create value for your company by knowing the facts

You have a great idea that can change the world. One that people will surely want to buy. And one that others may want to copy or imitate. What should you do to protect your innovation – and when? What are your risks for doing nothing? And what are your trade-offs?

If these questions keep you up at night, you won’t want to miss the MIT Enterprise Forum of DC’s program about innovation, patents, and the law.  You’ll get powerful insight from experienced attorneys and entrepreneurs. You’ll learn the answers to important questions that every entrepreneur should know, such as, what is the Supreme Court’s Alice Standard, and what are the most common misconceptions about patents? You’ll also have the opportunity to ask your own questions at our Roundtable Discussion.

Register here to join us on May 24th for this outstanding program! 

Growing Pains – Lessons Learned in Startup Operations

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We often learn about the startup that achieved phenomenal growth in the first few years. Most of the articles and talks focus on success factors. Helpful stuff, but this program goes deeper by exploring lessons learned in scaling operations. Not only what went right, but what went wrong. Which risks were recognized, and which ones weren’t? How were the problems addressed?

  • By attending this program, you’ll have a rare opportunity to learn about three successful start-ups companies, explore their technology, and meet the CEO’s who are leading them to market.
  • Entrepreneurs will gain important insights straight from CEO’s who can look back and share their experiences running high-growth startups.
  • Bring your concerns and questions, because we’ll cover everything – from product innovation to technology to finance to development to staffing to customer support.
  • No topic about startups is out of bounds. Our speakers and panelists reveal do’s and don’ts you can’t afford to miss.

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